Stuart Hall

When Stuart Hall died earlier this year, I felt the urge to post one of my favorite quotes from his work to Facebook. It was a very small gesture, of course. And I was hardly alone in doing so. My Facebook feed was flooded with similar quotes from dozens of other friends. (This, of course, is what I get for having so many friends who do cultural studies.)stuart hall

Trying to capture more than half a century of Hall’s writing, teaching, and activism in a single quote, however, was an impossible task. His oeuvre is too big, too varied, and too rich for that. So, without ever quite planning it out, I found myself posting a fresh Hall quote the day after he died too. And the day after that. And the next one. (It helped, of course, that large numbers of my friends kept responding to these quotes in positive ways.) So I kept it going. A week. Two weeks. A month. A fresh quote every day.

Eventually, though, it had to end. On Day 50 of my unplanned tribute, I called it quits. Multiple Facebook friends told me that I should put all the quotes I’d used together in one place. It took a while, but here it is.

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