So you had better do as you are told…

My friends Matt May and Jess Havens (no website of her own, so no link…sorry!) have recently started a weekly radio show called “FutureMixtape” on KEOS in College Station, TX. They’ve asked some of their friends to curate 15-20 minute sets of tunes each week … and they were bold (or foolish) enough to invite me to serve up a few tracks for next Wednesday’s show.

So somewhere between 2:00-4:00 pm CDT (which I think is -6 UTC) on 15 October, if you play KEOS’ live stream, you should be able to hear a 5-song set hand-picked by me. There’s even a chance that Matt and Jess will double down on their recklessness and have me phone in some side commentary.

I won’t ruin the surprise by telling y’all in advance which songs I picked. But I will drop a few teasers. It’s a playlist inspired by the ongoing mess in Ferguson, and it would have been easy for me to extend that set long enough to fill the entire two-hour show … and then some. A couple of things that made it (sort of) easy to trim things down to just 20 minutes is that I opted to go old school with my choices (the most recent tune is from 2002, and it’s by an artist whose big hits were all in the 1960s), and that I had to limit myself to tunes that were “FCC-friendly.” So you won’t hear NWA’s “Fuck tha Police” or Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” (though they’d be obvious choices for a longer, non-radio version of such a playlist).

The tune I most regret having to leave off, however, is one that doesn’t (or shouldn’t) actually violate the FCC’s rules about such things … but Matt wasn’t sure it would sit well with the “community standards” of southeast central Texas. So I’ll share it with you here instead.

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