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In a better world, this conference would be taking place in person, and I would probably already be somewhere in England, trying in vain to avoid the more mawkish moments of memorializing and mourning over QEII, resetting my body clock (also probably in vain) by six hours, and soaking up the splendid companionship of the other people on the program. In this world, however, the conference is taking place entirely online. I will still need to reset my body clock, but with the added challenge of doing so while still remaining in Minnesota, and teaching two classes on Wednesday after the first day of the conference has ended. The one potential benefit of that to any of you who may happen to be reading this ahead of the event, is that you can attend it online. Not for my sake, mind you, but because the program is filled with a lot of smart, engaging, interesting speakers. Show up for them. :)

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